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 Beading Lovely : For all your jewellery making bits'n'bobs

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In the beginning.

Beading Lovely was set up to provide quality beads at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on customer service and hope you will appreciate our efforts.

Our team:
  • Pete : Owner and coffee maker
  • Joshua : Business and Marketing/Local Delivery
  • Ellen : Creative Artist/Media

We always find it odd that Jewellery is spelt different ways by people, surely there can only be one spelling?

Seems not, from the dictionary:-

Definition: jewelry, jewellery, jewellry
Pronunciation: 'jü-?l-re, 'jül-re, 'ju?l-; ÷'jü-l?-re
Function: noun Date: 14th century
jewels ; especially : objects of precious metal often set with gems and worn for personal adornment.

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Bead Blog

Our blog is updated regularly. We often feature customers projects so if you have a project you have made from our beads let us know. If your project get featured on the Bead Blog we will send you free gift.

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In the beginning.
Beading Lovely, an introduction.

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